Caugtoo 20 " Invisible Wire Hair Extensions Curly Hair Extensions - Halo Extensions

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1. Time-saving: With invisible wire and clips, you can get the hairstyle you want within 20s. 

2. No harm to your own hair: no glue, no weave, no tape.

 3. Save money: No regular salon visits! Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming appointments by re-applying permanent extensions. Simple wearing method: 1. Brush your hair thoroughly to get rid of tangles. 2. Part of hair on top of head, Leave out the front sections of hair. 

4. Choosing the invisible wire length that best fits the size of your head positions the invisible wire hair extension over your bun. 

5. Take down your hair and brush it to ensure your real hair is covering all the wefts and wire. be extra cautious when brushing over the wire to avoid snagging.